Deploying the System that will Generate Civilization's Next Evolutionary Step: the Automated Innovation Revolution.

Like the Industrial Revolution, the Automated Innovation Revolution will have a huge impact on the ability of people—of all economic classes—to obtain goods and services. However, the Industrial Revolution only led to mass production of previously imagined items. The Automated Innovation Revolution will result in an endless, rapid stream of previously unimaginable products and services based upon technology breakthroughs being generated and utilized at an astronomically fast rate with unprecedented efficiency and agility. The automation of the development, acquisition, and utilization of technology is what will create this transformation in innovation, and the Quadrigy system enables it.

The foundation is being established in several countries for the deployment of the Quadrigy Automated Innovation System as a countrywide planning asset for the full range of public and private organizations within industry, academia, labor, finance, and government.

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