• - Project Socrates Ten Findings

The Socrates team determined the universal truths about technology-based planning that would enable the standardization of the process. The findings form an argument that concludes with the tenth finding.

Ten Findings

  1. The foundation of all competitive advantage is a matter of satisfying the customer needs better than the competition.

  2. Satisfying customers' needs is accomplished with technology.

  3. To satisfy customer needs better than the competition, an organization or a region must exploit technology more effectively than the competition.

  4. Effectiveness of exploitation of technology dictated by four attributes inherent in all technology.

  5. Four attributes for all present and future technologies worldwide comprise four--dimensional "technologyspace".

  6. Traditional planning methods, only address limited aspects of some of the dimensions of the techspace.

  7. Organizations or regions must out-maneuver competitors in one or more of the four dimensions of technologyspace to generate a competitive advantage.

  8. Maneuvering in technologyspace same as maneuvering on the military battlefield; the science of military strategy can be used as the basis for strategies in technologyspace.

  9. Elements of military strategy are highly fragmented, must be consolidated into a logical structure.

  10. Combining logically structured military strategy elements with 4-D techspace produces a set of elements for technology strategies that enables an organization or a region to consistently out-maneuver the competition in the exploitation of technology for the maximum competitive advantage.